Create Authentically Personal Guest Experiences

Make every stay unforgettable with unique and meaningful content perfectly tailored to every customer and delivered at just the right moment

Today’s traveler wants more than just a comfortable bed.

Seeking new experiences is the number one goal of the modern traveler. Finding incredible new places to eat and wondrous things to do is equally important to both business and leisure travelers alike.

The hospitality industry has a unique opportunity to deliver on each traveler’s desire to make the most out of wherever they are, and LighthousePE is that platform to make it happen.

Not just personal. Authentically personal.

Other marketing technology platforms lump your guests into broad segments and send blandly generic content designed to appeal to the broadest possible audience. It’s impersonal, annoying, and unwelcome.

LighthousePE gathers real-time behavioral data on each guest, combines it with historical trends, and delivers interesting content and local recommendations that are both deeply personalized and timely, which ensures a high degree of relevance... and guest happiness.

Create real one-to-one relationships that build brand loyalty

People are increasingly choosing to patronize businesses that can create and facilitate personalized moments that resonate at deeper levels. In fact, Gartner Research recently reported that businesses that excel at personalization outsell the ones that don’t by 20 percent.

When you “get” your guests and deliver the bespoke experiences they crave, you create brand loyalists for life.

Simple dashboard for creating content and monitoring real-time results

The intuitive dashboards and interface make it easy for you to create custom content, set delivery parameters and monitor the results. LighthousePE actively evaluates the impact of your content on guest behavior and optimizes content on the fly to get better outcomes.

Easy integration with your existing native apps and guest data

Installation is quick and painless, and we’ll fine-tune it to achieve your specific needs and KPIs. And with read-only integration with your guest database, LighthousePE can use any existing data to build more complete guest profiles and refine content parameters for better results right from launch.

And as a secure solution that’s hosted in the AWS Cloud, you’ll never have to worry about uptime, software or hardware management.

A Core Engine that learns and adapts

LighthousePE’s intelligent Core Engine discerns patterns in behavior, which helps it continually learn and adapt. The longer it’s in place, the more targeted and refined its content and recommendations become.


LighthousePE locates each guest using a combination of geofences, beacons, and your app installed on their smartphone


The LighthousePE Core Engine combines this location data with the visitor’s behavioral profile and determines which content will be most relevant and motivating


This highly-personalized content is delivered directly to the guest, arriving as a push notification; swiping to open reveals content personalized to their exact tastes


The Lighthouse admin app can also automatically alert appropriate staff to guest behavioral trends, both while they’re on- and off-property, which LighthousePE uses to automatically customize what it delivers

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